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For Body Resilience and Awareness


Ballet is a total body workout.

Participants will take away from this class an hour or two of experiencing a real ballerina's physical and artistic process. This class is designed to improve posture, build muscles, increase flexibility, strengthen your core and gently tone your body. ​



The desire to practice Ballet can be awoken at any stage of life


This class is ideal for those who might have done ballet a bit as a child but have never had the opportunity, time or courage to take it up again. It's also perfect for someone who wants to get started in ballet but might be kind of embarrassed to wear a leotard. Or just people who want to do something different than a regular fitness class. So... If you are just looking to sweat, this class is not for you.


Megumi shares the daily exercises and routines that she uses before her actual performances.


- The class begins with a combination of basic ballet exercises and bespoke conditioning movements. These include floor stretches, light bar lessons with both hands, and basic center work executed at a slow tempo.

- In the 2nd half of the class Megumi uses music and actual choreography from the rich history of classical ballet to offer a fully rounded class and a fresh and uniquely artistic approach to exercise, well-being and health. In addition, the upper body, arms (port de bras). etc/ are also used to link light jumps and other graceful movements with a sense of rhythm and musicality.

Punk Mom Ballet/Japanese


バレエは全身運動です。 クラシックバレエの基礎を取り入れながら、姿勢を改善し、筋肉を程よく使い、柔軟性を高め、コアを強化し、身体の調子をやさしく整え、強く健康な体を目指します。








*動きやすい服装、靴下を着用してください。 (もちろん、レオタードも大歓迎です!)

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