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Punk Mom Ballet 

Group Classes

This is my original, signature class. It is the funnest thing I teach.

One hour and 15 minutes of fulfilling lessons will refresh your body and mind. 

Participant take-aways from this class will include experiencing a little bit of a real ballerina's physical and artistic process.

If you are just looking to sweat, this class is not for you. But with Ballet, the more you know, the more there is to know. And just like life, you will experience the joy of working towards something creative and satisfying!

*Get your 1st class Free! 

1 class                   :  15 euro

5 class Package   :   60 euro (Most Popular)


Private Lessons

(Semi Private Lessons)

Lessons for those who are keen to learn ballet deeply. In these sessions, I will carefully teach you the basics of ballet and details of body positions according to each person's needs.

With an emphasis on building strong foundations and developing musicality I would love to help anyone become a more well-rounded dancer regardless of their experience level. 

A one-hour class is structured with a warm-up, "barre" -- using a sturdy chair or whatever is at hand! -- and then we move away from the barre and learn choreography from the the rich history of classical ballet.

Student's Home or Megumi's Home


1 Lesson                   :  40 euro

5 Lesson Package   :  175 euro

Semi Private (invite your friends! )

Duo Session

1 Lesson                  :  60 euro

5 Lesson Package   :  260 euro

Trio Session 

1 Lesson                  :  75 euro

5 Lesson Package  :  350 euro


*Also available in dance studios with a supplementary charge for studio rental fee.

Online Private

*COVID-19 Limited time offer:

1 Lesson                   : 35 euro

5 Lesson Package   : 150 euro



Punk Mom Ballet Online from Megumi's living Room

Punk Mom Ballet Online started 3 days after Berlin was shut down on March 19th during the Covid-19 quarantine.

It happens once a week on Facebook's live stream on Sunday at 15:30 (Berlin time).

The class is designed so that you can dance along in your own living room, kitchen or bedroom.

This 45 minute class is a fun, friendly and relaxed session for everyone.

*Please note that this session is currently closed. I'm preparing to resume, so please stay turned.

Thank you for understanding!

Check out my YouTube channel!

*This session is completely free, however if you are able to or would like to donate anything you are more than welcome! 

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