45 minutes Free classes on Facebook online live stream / Thursday & Sunday @15:30


Because movement and dance keep us positive and help recharge energy in the corona world.

After four weeks of quarantine life here in Berlin, I'm getting used to this new normal. This stay at home has given me the opportunity to be with my family 24/7.. and I have to say that I have been enjoying this rare opportunity quite a bit. But for sure, I am missing people and getting sick of cooking... haha!

It is very personal, but the day we locked down, I was going to start teaching Ballet at the Marameo studio. This would have been my first class teaching professional dancers in Berlin. Also, I was going to start a new project as a dancer at the Deutsch Oper here in Berlin at the end of March. Unfortunately, like everything else, it was canceled. That was disappointing but we are all in the same boat - and everybody will be needed to survive the biggest health crisis we've ever had to deal with as a society.

We are socially distancing but spiritually connected and there is something very warm growing around us!


Some of you may have known about and already have participated in the free online 45 minute Punk Mom Ballet classes I have been offering on Facebook online live stream.

These happen twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays at 15:30 until the end of April. Right now this approach is taking root and I have already committed to it.

But, I am sorry for those who are not on Facebook, and I'd like to offer it to everyone, so I will make sure to find a solution so that I can deliver it to all of you, so please be patient! 

If you have suggestions, please let me know!  

Movement and dance keep us positive and help recharge energy in this quarantine time and I will do my best to be close to you through these online sessions. And one day, hopefully soon, I look forward to meeting some of you in person in the studio here in Berlin!


A little recap from last Sunday, (April 5th)'s Punk Mom Ballet Online

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