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Megumi Eda is one of those rare ballerinas who navigates easily between the classical ballet mind and the more free-thinking ways of the contemporary dancer.

​Beautiful ballerinas are often caught in their own beauty. They definitely don’t know how to mug. But Megumi can morph in a flash from small boy to impossibly regal diva to a small squirrel chewing on a nut.”

– Laurie Anderson

Photo Credit : Julieta Cervantes

Always a unique presence on stage and as an artist, in her 40s, Megumi continues to challenge herself, continually seeking new forms of expression.

With a dance career that has lasted over 30 years, Megumi has endured daily physical pain, countless injuries and 2 major surgeries but is still actively dancing at a high professional level. She is now ready to share the same daily physical and mental exercises and routines she utilizes before her actual performances.

"Ballet is a strict art and there are so many things to learn and practice, and you can’t be a professional if you cannot endure. You need to have a strong will, guts and motivation.

When I was a teen I would get upset over small things like not doing well at a competition or not getting a role I wanted etc.. I have been disciplined enough to practice day after day to improve myself in order to become a better dancer. Over time I was able to find my own style of dance, even though sometimes I had real doubts.

Although I don't dance classical ballet on stage anymore It is so important to me that I have had this basic ballet training. Classical ballet training is a home that I can always return to. Having ballet written into my body allows me to break my lines and take on new challenges.

- Megumi Eda     "

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